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DC Docking with ISS

Sparks, NV – July 22, 2011 – The successful landing of the Atlantis last Thursday marks the end of NASA’s Space Shuttle program.  Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Space Systems, which is building the Dream Chaser Orbital Space Transportation Vehicle, now vies with three other companies to be chosen by NASA as the next spacecraft to carry Americans to the International Space Station. Accordingly, SNC’s Space System Dream Chaser program has become a prime media attraction on both local and National levels, including the following:

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About The Dream Chaser

The Dream Chaser is a lifting body spacecraft based on former NASA design, the HL-20 crew vehicle, and carries with it a strong development heritage.  It will launch on an existing launch vehicle and will have on-board propulsion utilizing SNC’s proprietary hybrid rocket motor technology.  The Dream Chaser, which is now under full production, is a piloted or autonomous spacecraft which provides safe, reliable, and cost effective transport of up to seven crew members or a combination of people and cargo to low earth orbit and returning them safely to the Earth without excessive deceleration or landing forces.  Risk to deconditioned crew and delicate science experiment return samples is minimized through a low G landing on a runway.  The combination of NASA heritage and proven technology will enable SNC’s unique space transportation system to effectively and reliably carry crew and cargo to orbital destinations.

About Sierra Nevada Corporation
SNC is ranked in the top 10 among America’s fastest growing private companies based on its significant growth and reputation for rapid, innovative, and agile technology solutions in electronics, aerospace, avionics, space, propulsion, micro-satellite, aircraft, communications systems and solar energy. Founded in 1963, SNC’s seven unique business areas employ over 2100 people in 30 different locations in 15 states – all of whom are dedicated to providing leading-edge solutions to SNC’s dynamic customer base.

SNC is the Top Woman-Owned Federal Contractor in the United States. Over its approximately 50 years of history, SNC has remained focused on providing its customers the very best in diversified technologies to meet their needs and has a strong and proven track record of success. The company continues to focus its growth on the commercial sector through internal advancements and outside acquisitions, including the emerging markets of renewable energy, telemedicine, nanotechnology, cyber and net-centric operations. For more information on SNC visit

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